Sam is all ears
Sharons new fashion statement
Sams wheels are turning
Red Hat Models
Cat Nap
Cat Nap
Another cat nap
Dozing Dan
Even the Kids get tired
Check out the 'sleeping beauties'. The stand owners and workers work long hard hours and sometimes try to sneak in a quick nap.
Trip to Tillghmans Island
Trip to St Michaels
Circus stunt
Camel ride at the Circus
Trip to Local farm
Fireworks in Oxford
Sam says come talk to him. He is all ears.
Sharon at Shore Art Market making a new fashion statement?
Modeling Red Hat Attire. Nice couple!
Reenie likes to test her new brainteaser puzzles out on  Sam  Keeps him out of trouble! He really is a wiz at these!
The Amish kids love learning about the Eastern Shore area and all it has to offer.
They like taking part in local activities like the carnival, circus, fireworks and even visiting some of the customers on their farms.
The Amish Country Farmers Market is not just your average market place; we are a family.  We not only have a great variety of  products to offer, but because we are so many vendors under one roof, we have become a big family.  The vendors and workers who live in Pennsylvania have made many friends in the Talbot County area and enjoy being part of the community. Needless to say it is a fun and enjoyable place to be, not only for the vendors and workers, but for our customers as well.  Many of our best customers have remarked that they feel they are part of the family. We want to continue to provide our customers with the best products, the best service and our friendship for many years to come, so please come in and join the fun the family and the feast at the market.      
Pictured below is some of the fun the vendors and customer have in the market and the surrounding area. It is never a dull place!
Entering the Esh Farm
Vendor Picnic
The Gospel Side band
Good Food!
Swimming in the Pond
The Pavillion
The Road Home
Here are some pictures of our annual vendors picnic this past summer at the Esh family farm in Paradise, PA.
Many of our customers joined in the fun as well!