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Amish Country Farmers Market Frequently Asked Questions
Q:  Why are you only open three days a week?
A:  The original Farmers Markets were what the name implies:  Farmers selling their wares to the local community and of course, since farming was a full time occupation, it left little time for retail.  Most markets opened early and closed early.  Several Markets in Lancaster County are still only open one day a week.
Q:  We thought the Amish were not permitted to drive cars, so how do you get here? Horse and Buggy?
A:  No, we donít drive our horses to Easton!  Although, we donít drive motorized vehicles ourselves, we are allowed to hire non-Amish drivers to transport us.  And besides, since the average horse canít go more than 20 miles in one day, by  the time we arrived, weíd have to turn around and head for home!!
Q:  We were told the Amish donít use electricity.  Were we misinformed?
A:  We are not permitted to have electric in our homes, however, exceptions are made in outside businesses.
Amish Wedding Season
      The Amish Wedding Season has begun!  The vast majority of Amish marriages are held in the fall, after the fields have been harvested, and are only held on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  November and December are the busiest months and it is not unusual for fifteen plus weddings to be performed in one day!  The ceremony is generally at the home of the bride and her parents will foot the bill for the food.  The bride and groom will send invitations to as many as 500 guests, including relatives, co-workers, friends and acquaintances.  However it is rare that all invitees will attend the full day, as many will also have invitations to other weddings on the same day.  The service begins around 8:00 am with the wedding ceremony being performed by a Bishop at approximately 10:30 am and the services end with the congregation joining together in a hymn singing at about 11:30 am.  Individuals appointed before the wedding to prepare the meals are now expected to serve about 100 guests per shift.  To outsiders, it would appear to be mass confusion, but it is very well coordinated. 
      The typical Amish Wedding Feast consists of roast turkey and filling, mashed potatoes, gravy, creamed celery, pepper cabbage, other sides, plus lots of desserts.  After dinner, the whole group will sing wedding hymns to the bride and groom and their attendants and visit with friends and neighbors.
      Everything is repeated for supper with the main course being baked ham, potatoes, gravy and other sides and many more desserts.  As you can see, many Amish will need to go on a diet after the wedding season is over!   More hymn singing will follow, until the guests leave around 9:00 to 10:00 pm; a very exhausting, but happy day!
     After the wedding, the bride and groom will spend the winter visiting the guests who attended their wedding, sometimes for a short visit, other times spending the night, and hosts will usually present the couple with gifts.  Many times the happy couple will hardly have room to sit in their buggy, as it may be full of house wares, tools, etc!!  The newlyweds will often board with one of the parents over the winter and then move into their own home in the springtime, begin their career and start raising a family together.