Georgetown Woodcraft and Gallery is a unique stand where you will find quite a variety of handmade wooden items, such as Amish made wood toys, games, puzzles and other wood crafts.
    One of the main attractions of this stand is the beautiful wood burned, hand carved and painted 3-D pictures crafted by the nationally known Amish artist, Dan Esh. Dan, not only founded the Amish Country Farmers Market here in Easton and other markets in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware, he is mostly known for his beautiful wood burning and carved pictures.  He has probably made close to a thousand of these unique 3-D carved pictures in the past 9 or 10 years and no two pictures are alike. People all over the country collect his pictures.  Most of his pictures are sold at the Peaceful Valley stores located in Strasburg and Intercourse Pennsylvania.  He has done many wood burning demonstrations at various charity functions, donating the finished piece. Dan’s workshop is located in Georgetown, Pennsylvania. 
    Another freelance artist, Reenie Chase, also has her artwork displayed in this stand. She lives in Southern Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, paints mostly with oils, capturing scenes of the area where she lives.  She also does portraits and caricatures. She recently showed her work at a gallery in Lancaster County and sold a number of paintings.
    Not only is there beautiful artwork in this stand, but it boasts a unique collection of over 50 different wooden brain teasers puzzles and strategy games with a large, ‘hands on table’ in the center for you to try them out. The motto here is: THE LAND BEFORE NINTENDO - NO BEEPS, BUTTONS or BATTERIES.  People are warned to enter at their own risk as these puzzles may drive you nuts!
    You will also find a variety of Amish made crafts in this stand such as birdhouses,  marble rollers, Amish dolls, doll furniture, wood toys, wood stools, rocking horses, wood chests, etc.  Quillows, potholders, aprons and table runners are made by Dan’s daughter, Lydia Smoker. Eldreth Pottery, hand crafted pottery from Southern Lancaster County, is yet another unique feature in this stand.
    This market is known for their fabulous food and where can you find the recipes they use?  Right here, in this stand, you will find a collection of the best of the best Amish Cookbooks.
    Please stop by, check out the beautiful artwork, sit down, relax and try out some puzzles (you may even leave the market a little 'brainier' than when you came in).
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The puzzle and game table
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