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fresh poultry1
    The Stoltzfus BBQ stand is owned and operated by Gideon and Sadie Stoltzfus, residing in Narvon, Lancaster County, PA.  This stand features mouth watering, sizzling BBQ Baby Back Ribs, BBQ Chicken as well as crisp and delicious Fried Chicken.  Other family members and friends help in the preparation of the savory homemade side dishes, from old time family recipes, to accompany the Chicken and Ribs for a full course meal.  You can enjoy your meal in the markets common dining area or you can take-out. 
    They also have a large variety and cuts of fresh poultry, from chicken, turkey, geese, duck, Cornish hens, to even fresh rabbit.  Their fresh turkey products include whole turkeys, turkey cuts, homemade turkey meatloaf, turkey jerky, turkey sausage, turkey scrapple and
turkey bacon. 
    The products in this stand are guaranteed fresh, all natural, free of by products, and no hormones added.  Zook’s  homemade Chicken Pot Pies are also a popular item in this stand.
    During our quarterly ‘Pig Roasts’, held in the front parking lot, you can be sure to find Gid
outside grilling his famous BBQ chicken.
    The Stoltzfus family wishes to thank all of their customers their continued support and patronage.