Omer and Sarah Petersheim own and operate, with the help of their little girl, Lydia Ann, the Little Bulk food store here at the market.  They live in Quarryville PA, and when not attending the stand at the market, they are busy at home raising their herd of white tail deer. This past Spring they calved  17 baby fawns of which 7 were bottle fed.  Then they are busy here at the market bagging their bulk food products.  You can find everything you need in this stand for all your baking needs.  There is also a full line of pastas, nuts, dried fruits, snack food and herbs & spices.  They also have gluten-free products.  A large variety of BBQ sauces, and jar goods can also be found in the stand.  All of Omerís and Sarahís  foods come from Lancaster County PA and the jar goods are prepared by Maryís Home Canning.  Mary is  Amish and lives on a large farm in  Quarryville PA and puts up jar goods for this and other markets. The honey also comes from a small farm in Lancaster County.  If there is something in particular that you are looking for and we doní t currently carry it, we will gladly try to get it for you.
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