June's and Lillian's love for Longaberger Baskets was the basis for opening the business. They both are convinced that the Longaberger baskets and the company are the best marketing business in time. Not only do they show their pride with "Made in America" products they run the company as a family. Each employee is treated as a family member. Everyone knows each other and prides each other in their hard work. Many have been with the company from the beginning and would never dream of working anywhere else. It is a real pleasure to know these people and be able to help with the business in our own way.
     We found by joining in the Amish Market and showing our products to the public more people will become aware of the products. Many have found that even if they are priced a little higher, but it is quality that you buy and it lasts forever. They never lose their value over the years. It is a real investment for the future.  Both Lillian and June appreciate the older baskets and the style in which they were made by the original JW Longaberger. JW's baskets can still be found in the retail market. When you see and feel one you will know immediately the quality of workmanship that went into his labor. The baskets today are made with the purpose of displaying and using them as often as possible.  Our personal baskets are in daily use and still look new. Trust us when you buy your first basket you will return for many more.  
      Lillian and June are also Red Hat Ladies and belong to several groups. It was from the fun of the society that they decided to carry some of the items for the Red Hat Ladies to enjoy. Today the shop is full of Red Hat items from books, clothing, jewelry, hats, purses, cards, party ware and everything you will need to be an up to date Red Hatter. We also do Red Hat Luncheon for groups of 20 with or without entertainment. Booking is advised one month ahead of time. 
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